Giffgaff UK Bundles: Goodybag & Pay As You Go Plans

By | October 5, 2020
Giffgaff plans and tariffs

Giffgaff is immensely popular among UK users due to the no-contract offers. It provides faster data plans, SMS, and call plans with international and UK minutes. Giffgaff is renowned for its Goodybag plans. These are combo plans and bring lots of data volume, calling minutes nationwide, free international calls, and SMS. The users get these resources for 30 days.

Goodybag Plans

Giffgaff offers a variety of Goodybag plans. These combo plans are valid for 30 days. In these plans, you get unlimited data volume, lots of SMS, and free minutes. All the Goodybag packages come with variable data volume. The price varies for all plans. The cheapest is priced at £6 with 500 MB 4G data. The highest is at £25 with unlimited data. You can have a look at all the packages in the table below.

Plan Price 🏷️ 4G Data 📶
Goodybag £6 £6 500MB
Goodybag £8 £8 2GB
Goodybag £10 £10 6GB
Goodybag £12 £12 10GB
Goodybag £15 £15 15GB
Goodybag £20 £20 80GB
Goodybag £25 £25 Always on

Giffgaff users can calculate data before selecting a plan. It helps you to select a suitable plan according to your needs. You can check out the details here.

Pay As You Go Plans

If you don’t subscribe to any Goodybag plan, you can choose the PAYG option that means you will be charged for every minute, every MB, and SMS. For UK mobile, you will be charged 5p/MB and 25p/minute. In the same way, you will be charged 25p/min for landlines. If you call to any mobile number starting from 070, you will be charged the same standard rates. However, SMS costs 10p for UK landlines and mobile numbers.

Plan Price 🏷️
Mobile data 5p/MB
Calls to UK mobiles, landlines and calls forwarding 25p per minute
Calls to personal numbers starting 070 25p per minute
Texts to UK mobiles and landlines 10p per text
Voicemail (443) 8p per call
Calls to freephone numbers starting 0800, 0808 Free
Calls, texts, and call forwarding to giffgaff numbers Free*

Giffgaff vs. Lebara vs. Sky Mobile vs. Virgin vs. Tesco

If you are still confused about the Giffgaff rates for the internet, SMS, and calling minutes, check the following table. It provides you a comparative study of the rates of Giffgaff telecom services with some other renowned telecoms like Lebara, Sky Mobile, Virgin, and Tesco telecom.

Telecoms Price 🏷️ Contract Intl. Min Minutes 🤙 Texts 📩 4G Data 📶
GiffGaff £6 No Contract No Unlimited Unlimited 500MB
Sky Mobile £6 12 Months No Unlimited Unlimited 1GB
Lebara £5 No Contract Yes 1000 1000 2GB
Virgin £7 12 Months No Unlimited Unlimited 1GB
Tesco £7.5 12 Months No 500 5000 2GB

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