CMLink UK Plans: SIM-Only, PAYG and Other Plans

By | October 25, 2020
CMLink Mobile SIM-Only and PAYG Plans

CMLink keeps you connected to your mainland China number. You can use two numbers at one SIM. While visiting the UK, get all SMS and calls forwarded from your mainland China number to your CMLink UK number. Currently, it offers a variety of SIM-Only and PAYG plans for users. These plans bring uninterrupted and faster connectivity to 4G and 3G networks. Check here the plans you can use to avail of data volume, SMS, and nationwide free calls.

CMLink UK SIM-Only Plans

These plans bring variable data volume with nationwide SMS and calling minutes. Some plans come with EE and EU roaming. Check these plans below.

Plan Price 🏷️ Duration Minutes 🤙 Texts 📩 4G Data 📶
Trial £2 30 Days 100 100 500MB
Minimum £5.99 30 Days 150 Unlimited 1.5GB
Small £9.99 30 Days 500 Unlimited 6GB
Large £19.99 30 Days 2000 Unlimited 100GB

CMLink UK Pay-As-You-Go Plans

If you don’t want to avail of any plan with 12 months or 24 months contract, CMLink offers some PAYG plans for you. These plans bring lots of nationwide minutes, SMS, data bucket. Check these plans below for a perfect selection according to your lifestyle.

Category Price
Data Only for Plans/Add-ons
Calls/SMS to CMLink Free
Calls to other networks 8p/min
SMS to other networks 6p/SMS
Received calls Free
China Calls 2p/min
China SMS 6p/SMS
Australia Call (Mobile) 10p/min
Australia SMS 8p/min
Canada Call (Mobile) 2p/min
Canada SMS 8p/SMS
France call (Mobile) 19p/min
France SMS 6p/min
USA call (Mobile) 3p/min

CMLink UK Recurring Plans

Some other plans by CMLink Mobile also available for you. These plans bring sufficient data volume along with SMS and calling minutes. You can use the allocated minutes to call landline and mobile numbers nationwide.

Plan Price 🏷️ Duration Minutes 🤙 Intl. mins Texts 📩 4G Data 📶
Trial £1 30 Days 100 - 100 500MB
Minimum £5.99 30 Days 500 1000 Unlimited 1.5GB
Small £9.99 30 Days 500 1000 Unlimited 6GB
Medium £12.99 30 Days 1000 1000 Unlimited 9GB
Large £19.99 30 Days 2000 1000 Unlimited 100GB
Plan with IDD to IN/BD/PK £9.99 30 Days 2000 200 min for Pakistan, India, Bangladesh Unlimited 5GB
Upfront Payment Plan £9.99 10 months 500 1000 Unlimited 6GB

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